Friday, May 28, 2010

How the love start ?

thiss story is originaly made by me, thiss is not copycat dear. it really happen to me . all thiss happen last year when 1st time i meet him. ;))

LOVE , actly im seriusly not believe with true love. thiss coz i had very bad time with thiss. before, love for me is complicated and annoying. hate to be in love, if i had bf before for sure i will not stiil longer with him and im not take thiss serius. for me couple just for fun. ;D (smile)

After, i met someone. everything change. totally change ! first time, know him in MYSPACE(mys), thnk to mys. evrything start here, he start comments me in mys. b'coz me rarely online so i always reply the comments from him late. oh, sorry dear. ;(( (sad). but we still contact. topic that always be question is ; how r u ? suda makan ? sihat ? lame un9 ? (what a boring question) but i never let the question quite, i will reply it and says the samething. ;DD (laugh). after almost 3week we chatting, then we start to change our phone number. but it doesnt mean we start texting each other. after we get the number, we let it quite without no call & no texting (stupid). then one day, one massage receive that from him. OMG ! what a suprise day. hehe. so from that we become a friend without other feeling. almost 2 month we keep texting , then one day in october 2009, i start to feeling feeling with him (shy). he propose me to be the special girl in his life and he want to stay in my heart. he says ; " will u be my special one ? " then , without think anything i accpt the propose. now we consider as a bf and gf and i wish thiss will be together forever. ;)) (happy).

thiss love bring me something different and bring me to the new love, for the 1st month is going to be very fantastic love story. thus, we happy together. keep talking, saying 'i love you'. urm, but that was not longer . disember 2009, we broke up. i dont know what is my false acttly. but i accpt it. myb that is myfalse. whose know? urm. im being single for 3month, im waiting for him. i never try to open my heart to other boy. b'coz the only i want just 'him'. i need him, that why i close my heart tidely. never open it for other boy to enter it. i just want him to know, i never disolved our love. 1st time i love someone more than my word. i hope you know syang, i only want u and need u in my love, swear!

to be continue...
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