Monday, May 31, 2010

It happen to fast

everything is too fast now, it just like a magical . dgn sekelip mata segalanya berubah, kita makin dewasa dan semakin matang. begitu juge dgn cinta kita, cinta juga bole matang kalo ia nya telah lama di pupuk. setiap benda yg di semai pasti ada hasilnya, so now i find it. i get a very powerful love that never be gone . that to someone who always support me and take a good care bout my heart. actly, that was not easy to get the true love from someone that u not really know him from the realities. the main power to get the true love is " trustness". that is very import method how to get it.

like other, we happy being couple. next month on 12 june 2010 we're couple for 2 month. semua nya kejap je berlaku, hurm. ta saba rasanya nk masuk setahun. i promise akn buat something special in our anniversary . ;D (happy). so kanda, u jge hubungan kite eh. dinda sentiasa syg n cinta kanda. ;)) (muke gatal).


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